The LIFE Program will mark its 25th anniversary on 21 May 2017 and the Portuguese Environment Agency, as the National Contact Point, invited all Portuguese LIFE projects to participate in this celebration.
The Life Taxus project joins the celebrations of the 25 years of the LIFE Program, with a post-LIFE activity in the Vale do Zêzere - Manteigas, on May 22, 2017.
The activity consists of a symbolic plantation / retancha in one of the project areas for the increment of the yew grove. This will be attended by the ICNF, the Sapadores Florestais of São Pedro and the Municipal Council of Manteigas - 

A field trip organized by the University of Göttingen (Germany), University of Hohenheim (Germany) and University of Évora visited our project on the 26th of March, 2017. The group of 18 students and 3 lecturers from the fields of Forestry Science and Geography got to know about the aims of the project, the Serra Estrela intervention site and also had the opportunity to plant yew saplings during the visit. This initiative was carried out in collaboration with the ICNF under the Post-LIFE programme of the project.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016 17:26

Layman's Report

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Environmental awareness and the dissemination of this project are of great importance. The purpose of the Layman's Report is to make known what has been done during the LIFE12 project NAT / PT / 000950 Taxus - Restoring yew thickets [9580 * Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods], as one of the greatest threats identified is the general lack of knowledge about The value of the Yew and the habitat "Mediterranean forests of Yew".


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LIFE12 NAT/PT/000950