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The Zêzere Great Route

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On May 8 will be held in Manteigas the interpretive route "The Zêzere Great Route" 10 km from the Covão D'Ametade to Manteigas through yew plantation areas under the LIFE + Project LIFE12 NAT / E / 000950 Taxus - Restoring yew thickets [9580 * Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods]. An event in collaboration with the City of Manteigas and ICNF - PNSE.

On the 8th of May

 The Project LIFE Taxus - Restoring Taxus baccata woods [9580* Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods] and the Municipal Council of Manteigas did a field visit, on 8th of May, to the habitats of the upper River Zêzere. The meeting point was at 8:15 am in the Municipal Council of Manteigas, from where a group of 20 participants left by bus to Covão d'Ametade. Due to the adverse weather conditions the bus rode up to "Nave de Sto. António".

 On the way, Professor António Luís Crespi (Escola de Ciências da Vida e do Ambiente - UTAD) gave a talk on the geobotanical evolution of the Zêzere Valley and how Taxus baccata fits into this context. In addition, Engineer Rafael Neiva (ICNF) described the work which has been carried out in the intervention areas of project LIFE-Taxus and the significance of these efforts for the environmental management of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.

 On the return trip, the group visited the Centro de Interpretação do Vale do Glaciar do Zêzere (CIVGLAZ), where a virtual flight was made over the Glacial Valley of the River Zêzere, simulating the glacial era 30.000 years ago, while narrating the events that led to the establishment of the glacier. In an exhibit within the fireplace of the old Forest Ranger's House, we saw a visual account of the history of this house and of the life of the forest rangers that watched over the mountain range and of the people who worked there as biologists, engineers and other field agents.

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