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78th Volta a Portugal

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78th Volta a Portugal Isabel Garcia-Cabral

“The LIFE Taxus Project was at the 6th stage BELMONTE – GUARDA of the 78th Volta a Portugal bicycle race. during the “Volta ao conhecimento” an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, that happened on 3rd August 2016. This stage went through the Serra da Estrela, the highest point in Continental Portugalm, the location were LIFE TAXUS: Restoring yew forests actions are being carried out.

 This is what is done

Project LIFE TAXUS, with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Union, aims to intervene in yew thickets (Taxus baccata) a protected habitat typical of the banks of mountain watercourses, which are dominated by Yew and that also include other tree species. It is a habitat which is threatened by fire, logging, shepherding and invasive exotic species, and currently only occurs naturally in Peneda-Gerês and Serra da Estrela.

This is what is done here

The highest landscape of Serra da Estrela is made up by a mosaic of habitats, combining elements representing different biogeographical regions, and is for this reason the most emblematic area in Continental Portugal in terms of natural values associated with elevation. This is the case of the Yew species, which is currently very restricted and threatened in this region.

 This is what is done with you and for you

The project is coordinated by the Quercus Association with support from the ICNF and the VALORMED company. Scientific support for concrete actions of the project was assured by CEG – IGOTUL (Centre for Geographical Studies



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